Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Special Medallion!

Dr. Jensi Souders, Tennessee
Recipient, 2014 International
Achievement Award
Dr. Jensi Souders, Tennessee, received the International Achievement Award at the International Convention in Indianapolis, at the Celebration Luncheon on July 30, 2014.The gold medallion she received was first presented in 1953 to Eunah Temple Holden, Florida. She wore it until her death in 1975, and in 1987 it was then presented to Dr. Jessie Sim. Prior to Sim's death, the medallion was returned to Florida for safe keeping.  In May 2014, the medallion was sent to Society Headquarters to Dr. Beverly Helms, 2012-2014 international president. A new gold bar was added to the middle which now bears Dr. Souders' name.

Dr. Jensi Souders has served the Society for many years in numerous chapter, state,  and international leadership positions. She was the 2010-2012 International President, and served on the 2012-2014 Administrative Board as immediate past president, chair of the DKG Supporting Corporation, chair of Transition Planning for the nominee for international president, and chair of the Administrative Board's committee to review regional conferences. She also served as a member of the 2012-2014 performance appraisal team.

The Danger of Silence

Clint Smith, a teacher talks about the Danger of Silence.  Watch the four minute presentation.
What is the implication for DKG members with regard to our voice on educational issues and policies?


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Unique and Specific

Pat Smith, Delta Beta Chapter in Florida, shared her ideas for strengthening the Society.

"1. We as an organization have to offer something that no other organization can. Otherwise, we continue to be repetitive and redundant. In other words, we MUST be set apart and unique.

2. We need to meet the specific needs of our young members as they are our future. In order to do this, they will have to share their needs.
I never heard of Delta Kappa Gamma until 2 years before I retired. I came into the organization to find stimulating higher level conversation concerning important issues in education. In retirement, I thought that would be sorely lacking.
Instead, I found a sisterhood of wonderful individuals and new, strong friendships. Maybe that was what I needed more than a 'brain boost'."

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Does DKG have a Learning Disabilty?

Dr. Gwen Simmons, North Carolina, shared a couple of thoughts with me in response to my request for ideas for strengthening DKG. Below is one of them.

"Does DKG NOW have a learning disability?  Yes, I think it does.

Before the time of Peter M. Senge (1990) and Ronald A. Heifetz (1994), Dr. Blanton (1929) structured DKG to be a Learning Organization; that is, an organization where members are expected to participate in the activities of the Society; although DKG may not be transformed by a member’s participation but the member is transformed into a leader in her own right.

I have never minded what a colleague calls the “grunt work” of DKG because when I understood that any responsibility you assumed in DKG you would” learn on the job” and the DKG Organization would probably not be transformed by your grunt work , but you, as an adult learner, would continue to learn and hence, be transformed.

DKG, as educators often do, has an overall mentality that something must be produced that is tangible—when in reality what would really transform this organization is women thinking on their feet and being able to listen, disagree without taking disagreement to mean rejection and creating an “us against them mentality” (If you don’t think like me, there must be something wrong with you because there is certainly nothing wrong with me.)"

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Friend of Education Award

The DKG Friend  of Education Award
was presented to Indiana State Superintendent,
Glenda Ritz on July 30, 2014 in Indianapolis.

A DKG Friend of Education Award was presented at the DKG 2014 International Convention.

Glenda Ritz, Indiana’s State Superintendent of Public Instruction, received the Society’s Friend of Education Award. Ms. Ritz brings to her office extensive experience in the classroom as well as a commitment to Indiana students statewide. Her emphasis is on the importance of literacy and the necessity that all children be able to attend schools with equity in resources and the expectation of a high-quality education.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Media Awards

Media Awards presented
on Wednesday, July 30, 2014
at the DKG International Convention
in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Three DKG Excellence in Media Awards were presented at the DKG 2014 International Convention.
The Bedford Times-Mail was a recipient for its commitment to educational coverage both locally and statewide.
Dr. Vic Smith, founder of the Indiana Coalition for Public Education, received the award for his ICPE Notes and Vic’s Statehouse Notes distributed by social media. He covers current educational events in the Statehouse, the State School Board meetings, and the education arena in a straight-forward, focused approach.
WFYI, the Public Broadcasting System station in Indianapolis, was recognized for its long history of providing educational programming for classroom use, as well as for students, parents and teachers. Broadcasted programs as well as on-line games, websites, and other digital resources are available for learners of all ages in both English and Spanish.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Position Announced

The position of Executive Director at Society Headquarters has been formally announced. The Position Announcement can be found on the Society website at Sandra Smith Bull is serving as the interim executive director through August 31, 2015, or until the administrative board selects the executive director, if later.